Learning is Rigorous

Students are supported to do far more than they think they can.  Teachers teach in ways that enable students to learn deeply and surpass standards.  Teachers believe the best about students and their abilities and create tasks that allow for limitless results.  Students and teachers model a growth mindset daily.

Learning is Owned

Students are the leaders of their own learning.  Teachers consistently create conditions for students to know what mastery of skills and knowledge looks like and how to get there.  Classrooms are set up to allow for continuous reflection around mastery. Teachers tie Habits of Leadership to learning in authentic ways that place the responsibility of learning on the students.

Learning is Active

Students are problem solvers, engineers, scientists, historians, artists, and activists, exploring ideas and engaging in authentic work that allows them to contribute to their community while promoting equity and social justice. 

Learning is Meaningful

School should not feel like a factory where students just show up and do a thing, rinse and repeat.  Students need to build a deep understanding of concepts and apply their skills and knowledge to new contexts and real world situations.  Learning has a purpose - getting smart to do good.

Learning is Collaborative

School leaders, staff, students and families work together to create a culture of respect, responsibility, and joy in learning.  The school community is a place where all Crew members' voices are heard and valued throughout the learning process.  The classroom Crew is a community that feels responsible for the learning and growth of each other.

Learning is Public

Students produce high-quality work for presentation to audiences within and beyond the school.  Hallways and classrooms are filled with evidence of student growth, learning and mastery of knowledge and skills.  The walls of a room tell the story of the community within it.