At Lead Academy, we understand that there are no shortcuts to success. Therefore, old-fashioned hard work is a cornerstone of the school culture at Lead. Our approach includes research-based practices of both the traditional and contemporary sort. The instructional program at Lead can be summed up by the following practices:


Lead Academy holds to the belief that ALL students can learn, regardless of circumstance or background, and we make no excuses for lackluster academic or behavioral performance.


Our school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 3:10. Allowing for more time in the classroom has proven to translate into higher pupil achievement. This extended time allows for structures like Crew and more elective time for our elementary students.


Lead Academy faculty and staff have the mandate to make school meaningful, relevant and fun for our students. Every instructor must produce lessons that activate students’ intrinsic motivations as well as create classroom environments that facilitate this outcome. To this end, every student is expected to embrace hard work as a part of the educational experience. Our partnership with EL Education provides the tools and training to implement this method.


It is the duty of every member of the Lead Academy community to move all students to demonstrate craftsmanship, achieve mastery of knowledge and skills, and model the character of a leader in all contexts. Standardized test scores along with objective goals set in key areas, decided by students themselves, are regularly assessed to ensure that all students are developing the tools required to achieve lifelong success.


Administrators, teachers, parents and students are all given a measure of freedom to shape the educational experience as it pertains to them. To the greatest extent practical, Lead Academy engages all effected members of its community in the decision-making process.

The instructional framework of Lead Academy does not single out a particular instructional strategy, but rather allows for more creativity in instruction by creative teachers. We encourage the use of a variety of productive teaching methods, provided that the teaching is student-centered, differentiated and relevant.

Lead Academy engages students and their families in a commitment to high school completion and post-secondary success, as well as implementing activities that highlight and promote strong, positive attitudes toward schoolwork, career and community.

2019 School Report Cards: