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Chase Willingham

Chase Willingham, about 16 hours ago

Here are the links to the survey I referenced in today's video. It is critical that 100% of families fill this out as we finalize plans. Thank you! English: Spanish:
Aquí están los enlaces a la encuesta que mencione en el video de hoy. Es crítico que el 100% de las familias llenen esto mientras finalizamos los planes. Gracias!



Chase Willingham

Chase Willingham, about 20 hours ago

Please watch this quick video update from our Executive Director, Mr. Willingham

Chase Willingham

Chase Willingham, 4 days ago

Happy Friday everyone! Early next week we will release a video outlining our progress around planning for reopening and the different scenarios that exist. It still will be closer to the end of July before we can commit to exactly which plan will be in place on August 17 but we wanted to talk through some of the different options out there. There will also be a very important survey accompanying the video that we need 100% of families to fill out so we can plan for who will or will not show up to in person instruction if we are allowed to have it. I will explain more in the video. Have a great and safe weekend!

Chase Willingham

Chase Willingham, 7 days ago

Just a reminder, we are diligently working on fall reopening plans. We plan to announce detailed information the week of July 20th. In the meantime, please continue to do your part to swing our COVID numbers to a more positive direction. To see how SCDHEC is determining spread rate for each county, view this doc: Based on current numbers, if we can't reduce numbers soon, it will be very difficult for schools across the state to bring back students in person anytime soon. Please do your part to reduce and end COVID, no matter how inconvenient it may be so we can get back on campus. We are Crew, Not Passengers!

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