Lead Academy is a free, public charter school founded on the belief that every child can achieve at an exceptionally high level, regardless of background or circumstance.


At Lead Academy,

  • A diverse community of students, teachers, and families will be cultivated into leaders.

  • All students will demonstrate craftsmanship, achieve mastery of knowledge and skills, and model the character of a leader in all contexts.

  • All stakeholders feel included, supported, and responsible in the leadership growth of others.

  • Our leaders will be prepared to identify their passion, create opportunities in their lives, and make a difference in their community.


At Lead Academy, we are driven by our founding principles of Be nice. Work hard. Serve well. Have fun. These principles not only facilitate quality learning, they also create a sense of community within our school and beyond. At Lead, we believe that all moments are learning opportunities. We are committed to the belief that we can create a community of learners that is based on respect and care in our classrooms, grade-levels, and the school community as a whole.


When a student is done with school and enters adult life, they will be judged for the rest of their life not by the performance on tests of basic skills, but by the quality of their work and the quality of their character.”  Ron Berger

Lead Academy believes in creating well-rounded students.  We believe that in order for students to become effective leaders who can make a difference in the community, achievement must be defined in three ways: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, Character and High Quality Work.

Mastery of Knowledge and Skills


High Quality Work