Student-led Conferences

There is no better, more convincing evidence of a child’s progress, then to have him or her present and participating when parents and teachers come together.

Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) replace the traditional parent/teacher conference at Lead Academy. SLCs are attended by the student, parent/guardian, crew advisor, and other adults the student would like present. The crew leader facilitates the meeting, but the student is in charge. During the conference, students explain their progress toward and mastery of both academic (content/skill) and character (habits of work and learning) learning targets. Students justify their progress by leading their families through a portfolio of assignments culled from academic classes.

Objectives of Student-Led Conferences:

  • To increase student accountability and autonomy concerning academics and their commitment to our core values.
  • To hone student verbal communication and critical thinking skills.
  • To emphasize Lead Academy's student centered philosophy.
  • To build open relationships with families concerning student progress at Lead.
  • To help students meet speaking standards.
  • To teach students how to persuade by substantiating claims with evidence.

Example of a Kindergarten SLC

Example of a Middle School SLC