April 1-30 Distance Learning Info:

Grades K-3:

Work has been printed for students and is available for pickup from 10-4 at Lead Academy on Thursday, April 2nd.  All work Is also linked below if you want to download and print yourself or if you need access to additional copies later on. 

Grades 4-8:

All work will be sent via Google Classroom to students.  Printed copies are also available at the school from 10-4 April 2nd.  All printed copies are linked below for access at home If you want to print yourself.  Students are welcome to complete work via paper copies or electronically via chromebook.

Click Here for Printable Copies of all work K-8

Click here to see a video explanation of Grades 6-7 ELA work.

Click here to view the youtube channel Mrs. Pinson will use for 6-7 ELA Read-aloud. 

At-home Resources (updated daily)

3-27-20 Update

3-17-20 Video Update

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En Espanol: