This year, our meet the teacher has to look a little bit different due to COVID-19 restrictions.  To make sure that all families can learn more about their teachers for this school year, each teacher has created a nearpod to talk about themselves and their classes for this year.  Check them out and get to know our amazing Lead staff!  Don't forget to check out all teachers for your grade level since we will be doing a lot of co-teaching and co-learning this year!

Schneider- Kindergarten

Wetmore and Stephens- Kindergarten

Noyes- First Grade

Greggs- First Grade

Gajoch- First Grade

Stanbro- Second Grade

Kelley and Montgomery- Third Grade

Lusardi- 4th Grade

Black- 4th Grade

Sawyer- 5th Grade

Lindley- 5th Grade

Rutter- 6th Grade

King- 6th Grade

Gray- 7th Grade

Puello- 7th Grade

Perry- 8th Grade

Ruby- 8th Grade

Wright - Art (All Grades)

Scott- Band (4th-8th Grade)

Carpenter- Business and Technology (3rd-8th Grade)

Moses- Chorus/Music (All Grades)

Watson- PE (All Grades)

Linsenbigler- Spanish (2nd-8th Grade)

Keller- PE (All Grades)

Bowen- Special Education

Starks- Special Education

Keller- Special Education

Fleming- Speech

Swim- ELL

Cohen- Student Support

Sweeney- Student Support