Order Your Lead Academy School Uniform Today!

Extended Until June 10

Students at Lead Academy should wear the required uniform every day. Last year several supply chain issues caused delays with uniform arrival. We understand that those delays no longer exist, and uniforms will arrive promptly at the beginning of the school year. All students will be required to have all pieces of their uniform, and the uniform must fit properly. The uniform includes five (5) standard uniform shirts, one (1) black polo, required for formal events and field trips, and one (1) Lead Academy jacket, the only jacket students can wear in the building.

With the removal of supply chain issues next school year, the required uniform dress code will be strictly enforced. Although we do not provide pants through the uniform store, please see below for pant requirements as you prepare for the next school year.

Khaki (beige/tan), navy blue, or black pants, shorts, skirt/skort, or jumper must be worn Monday-Thursday and on field trips when specified.

-Tights and leggings cannot be worn alone. They must be covered by the acceptable articles of clothing mentioned above.

-All bottoms must be tailored style. No athletic-type pull-on shorts or pants.

-Neat blue jeans may be worn on Fridays OR on field trips as directed by staff members.

2022-23 School Uniforms

The online uniform store is now open until June 10. Students will wear uniform t-shirts each day

K5 – 4th grade students will wear a RED t-shirt each day.

5th – 8th grade students will wear a GRAY t-shirt each day.

A black polo shirt will be worn for special events, some field trips, etc.

Purchase K5 – 4th grade uniforms here: https://323sports.com/QKPV-PMY3/k5---4th-packs/

Purchase 5th – 8th grade uniforms here: https://323sports.com/QKPV-PMY3/5th---8th-packs/

Samples of most uniform items are available in the front office for sizing purposes

NO REFUNDS on uniform orders

Uniforms will be delivered to the school and notification via our school app and ClassDojo will be sent when they are ready for pick-up

2022-23 Uniformes escolares

La tienda de uniformes está abierta hasta el 10 de Junio. Los estudiantes usarán camisetas de uniforme todos los días

Grados de K5 - 4to usarán una camiseta ROJA todos los días.

Grados de 5to - 8vo usarán una camiseta GRIS todos los días.

Se usará un polo negro para eventos especiales, algunas excursiones, etc.

Compre para grados de K5 - 4to aquí: https://323sports.com/QKPV-PMY3/k5---4th-packs/

Compre para grados de 5to - 8vo aquí: https://323sports.com/QKPV-PMY3/5th---8th-packs/

Las muestras de la mayoría de los artículos de uniformes están disponibles en la oficina por si necesita ver las medidas

NO SE REEMBOLSAN los pedidos

Los uniformes llegarán y un mensaje se mandará en la aplicación de la escuela y en ClassDojo cuando estén listos para recoger