One of the foundational credos of Expeditionary Learning is “We are Crew, Not Passengers.” This metaphor refers to a group in a boat on a long voyage, where everyone is needed to pull at an oar and no one sits by watching. In adhering to this motto, “Crew” can be used to reference both individual classrooms and the entire school community. We strive to instill a sense of responsibility, participation, and cooperation among individuals, the student body, the school community, and the greater community. This motto represents our commitment to inclusion and action in the service of self and others.

At Lead Academy, the first 25 minutes of each school day are spent in Crew. This is a block of time when students participate in activities to build teamwork, trust, and knowledge of self and others. They engage in conversations, lessons, and initiatives focused on character and service, as well academic and behavioral goal setting. Students in grades K-3 spend crew time with their homeroom teacher, while 4th-8th graders spend crew time with a group of 10-14 students led by a teacher or staff member who may or may not teach them on a regular basis. Crew is the backbone of our school and is the vehicle through which we deliver Lead Academy culture information. Crew is family. It promotes shared understanding, and brings the school community together. Crew members help each other through problems and celebrate successes, both in and out of school.

This TED talk reminds us of the importance of building community via Crew.

"Helpfulness means 'I don't have to know everything, I just have to work among people who are good at getting, and giving help."

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